We supply bespoke signs, many using aluminium sign systems. The sign panels can be vinyl faced or powder coated to suit budgets and requirements. Square posts, round poles and other shaped legs are available in aluminium which can be finished to colour finishes, some of these are slotted for extruded aluminium plank inserts. The sign panels can be made as folded trays fitting between the posts, or can have channels fitted to the rear, overlapping the front of the legs, these can be fitted with square or round stainless steel clips. Double sided options are also available and the posts can have decorative finials at the top and base embellishers at the bottom. The panels can be shaped as required. Finger pointers and double sided projecting wall signs can also be fabricated. Signs can have lights mounted to the panels or posts and can have internal illumination using tubes or LEDs.

The faces can have reflective text or large digital images. If powder coated traditional painted lettering and techniques such as gold leaf gilding can be used.

Finger pointers and projecting signs can be fabricated to match other signs and map plans and notice board areas can be included.

Wood can be used for posts and surrounds. Standard aluminium and other extrusions can be used to frame panels.