Our vinyl cutting plotters enable accurate creation of self-adhesive text in a wide range of standard colours and at virtually any size. Almost any font can now be cut and applied to smooth flat surfaces and we have thousands of fonts on our system. Artwork is best supplied in vector format or a font file (.otf or .ttf) can usually be converted to cut down to even quite small sizes. Digital Printing and contour cutting gives us an even broader colour range. Extremely large text can be panelled up; our equipment automatically puts overlaps of 2mm per strip.

Vinyl cut lettering can be supplied for self-application and comes ready to apply, cut and pre-spaced, with application tape across the face enabling the text to be lifted away from the backing sheet and applied in strips. The facing tape is then removed. This provides clean cut letters applied directly to the job surface, vehicle panels, sign panel, glass, plastic or smooth varnished wood. Letters can be reverse cut to go inside glass windows.