Cut out letters can be applied to surfaces. Sometimes these will be have stand off fittings. Depending on the size of letter height and the thickness of the letter strokes these can be rods, nylon cup push fittings or brass or stainless steel bolt fittings. The latter two can be removed and re-fitted as necessary when the backing areas are refurbished. Sometimes the letters are built-up with side returns. Lighting by trough-light, spotlight or LEDs can add to the impact, giving shadow or halo effects.

Vinyl, wood, assorted plastics and metal options as well as composites (a sandwich of plastic between two thin layers of aluminium) can all be contour cut and fabricated. Many projects include a combination of several of these materials used together. Some will be used with their natural colour or finish; others may be powder coated to a specific RAL paint colour and some may be finished with gold leaf. Some cut out letters are also available moulded to 3D shapes in certain styles and sizes. Some of these include shiny metallic finishes.

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