Our Traditional Signwriting Services

Simon Thrower Signwriting Canvas Blind Canopy

Nowhere is there Greater Testament to the Achievements of Civilization than in the Elegance of a
Beautifully Crafted Letter-Form

Signwriting is Artisanal Craftsmanship, sometimes referred to as The Signwritten Art or Street Jewellery. We believe we are Guardians of History. Rooted in the Past yet always Looking to the Future.

Traditional Signwriters are unique in still Using Digits (hand crafting lettering) in this Digital Age.

Royal Connections:- We are pivileged to have added Regal names to Honours Boards and Establishments, worked
in many buildings with regal heritage and also for celebrities and media personalities.

Whilst not “written in stone”, traditionally painted signwriting and gilding enables future generations to view the accolades of their forebears. We keep history and often those named will be future donors.

Whilst computer aided technology assists, speeds up and adds great variety to the signmaker’s palette, the age of  Traditional Signwriting is not dead. We are honoured to supply, update and add headings and crests to a wide variety of Honours Boards at Clubs, Schools, Colleges and Institutions. The lettering may be in plain colours, gold leaf or gold leaf with a black shadow; most Honours boards are updated on site. For a long term record of achievements we don’t believe you can better a traditionally brush painted sign.

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