We love to update Honours Boards of all shapes and size. Preferably Traditionally Signwritten using Gold Leaf and Traditional Strokes, Thrower Signs will also use Vinyl Text if that suits the customer. Occasionally these may also be carved or routed.

Many of the boards we work on are Wooden, usually hardwood. Sometimes they are panels integral to a room or staircase. Some may be on glass or acrylic, rarely on paper, parchment or vellum.
Restoration work is undertaken and we have supplied new panelled boards to similar style of originals in Pavilions and College buildings.
Whilst many are Lettered by Hand, we have on occasion digitized Traditionally Signwritten fonts to enable many years of updates to be added to boards to short deadlines.
Sometimes carved lettering needs infilling to restore and preserve historical lists, or add names that were missing and later found to be required.

Many Honours Boards are worked on at site, some even being part of the fabric of the buildings, but smaller boards can be brought to our workshop by appointment.