Traditional Signwritten text to panels on exterior walls have long been a part of our street scenes. Sometimes referred to as Ghost Signs when the owners of the building or product advertised no longer exists. We can still produce artwork like this (where planning authorities allow) or we can do similar work onto interior walls, brick, timber or plaster finish. Signs like these are Statement Pieces and often project an Established, Traditional, Quality Image. Particularly suited to former Industrial Premises, Pubs, Breweries, Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Clubs.

We regularly work direct to the fabric of old buildings, especially Pubs, Clubs and Hotels. Some of the Traditional Signwork requiring gilding techniques using Gold Leaf, Copper Leaf or Palladium Leaf (Silver). Occasionally we are restoring original work to preserve the heritage for future generations. Some of our own work have become “Ghost Signs” themselves, having been covered or restricted to view by the building of neighbouring properties.

Wall Text Painted Gold Colour