Period Vehicles need to be treated with respect and Traditional Signwriting complements their heritage. Hand Lettering with Fine Sable Brushes and Synthetic Enamel Paints enable fresh artwork to exactly replicate the way they would have originally been Signwritten creating a sympathetic Period Feel.

Painting across timber joints and metal coachwork reflects how these vehicles would have been worked on in their heyday. Fonts or lettering styles were unique to individual lettering artists and colleagues would be able to tell which signwriter had worked on a particular job by the strokes and characteristic quirks of their style. It is not correct to think that everything that was produced in the past was flawless, pressures of time to get work completed helped to add to the flow and character and is part of the charm. Single stroke brush scripts were a particularly useful method of speeding up parts of the job and could be condensed or extended easily to fit to panel or body parts. We still use some of these techniques today in traditionally Hand Painted Signwork.